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Spirit Bútor


Making photorealistic visual design by using laptop linked with travelling, surveying the place and correct pricing the project in need.

Making a quote

Pricing should normally happen on the place comes with a consultation fee which credited when customers make an order.

Surveying the place

It is not always neccessary. Customers who require can also deliver and place the products.

Material quality

There is a very wide range of materials on the market. We should be aware of that the cheep material is poor and low-grade but the rich quality material is expensive.

Hande made furniture

The factory produced series furniture is not made for the customers nor is it made to their own place. The hand made furniture is unique. It is individually made only for you.

Accurate work

The fashionable modern and minimal design require a very precise workmanship because of the sharp lines and edges. We must work accurate for the best result.


"Annyira boldog vagyok az új konyhámmal. Tökéletes tervezés."

Nagy Katalin


"Elkészítették az álmom könyvespolcát. Kitűnő kivitelezés."

Major Péter


"Köszönjük a kényelmes székeket és asztalokat éttermünknek."

La Siesta


Completed projects

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