About us

Quality work

I made my studies in a wood industrial technician high school where we had lessons of all areas in wood industry such as first and second fix carpentry. The certification of our final examination is actually a qualified forman in wood industry.

I was also working on abroad in England, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. I have seen a lot and had much experience. 

I have always been a very accurate craftsman. My colleagues told me several times in England that I was too much of a perfectionist. There was some truth about it indeed. So I had to leave that stop fast because I had always known that being a perfectionist can obviously push happiness far away. I had to find the right way forward to improve.

Making quality work is nobel. As long as a product is being made, the maker defines what quality the product like. But as soon as the work is done, the product defines what quality the maker like.

Now I know and believe that everything or anything is possible to create on the level of an artist. The perfect creation is a kind that you can not give more to it, but can not take from it either. Ladies and Gentlemen it is very simple to produce. You only need to give some emotions and a bit of love ...

... and then we call the result - Art.

Istvan Farkas